GIL BERZAL WINERY: Our wines, philosophy and culture. Join and find out.

The viticulture, the wine and the nature have always inspired us and they have been a permanent feature in our lives, since our past generations transmitted it to us. If it had not been in this way, we would not feel able to devote so much time to think, and to elaborate different wines with own personality and identity, which are able to express faithfully the reality of the land where we live.

Such is the case, that we have felt the need of reflecting it and making it to come to your notice through a new web site, in order to make you aware of the effort we devote to the development of a new and ecological agriculture, to the research, to the sustainability of the environment, to the search of new wines and to the viticulture in general.

We hope you can appreciate the spirit that characterize us and our eagerness to stand out people who, as you do, enjoy this world and make it more special every day. Therefore, we take the first approach step endowing the web with a soul full of content which will be updated every two weeks, contributing with articles related to the winery and to everything regarding the world of wine. The web is supported by social networks which try to keep you closer and to count on your contribution. We would like to strengthen connections with you, because you are part of our family.